Commission Info

What I will draw:

Ponies – My main preference
Animals – Feral up to semi-anthro (think Donald Duck)
Pokemon – Please go easy on me with the more complex ones
Humans – Chibi style is what I’m most comfortable with

Stuff I won’t do:
Gore (Nothing beyond an anime nosebleed)
Super detailed characters/accessories (Ask me if unsure)
Typical Furry-style anthros (with abs/boobs, overly human anatomy and such)


Sketch- $1

Coloured Sketch- $4

Line work- $5

Flat color- $10

Shaded- $25

Full Body

Sketch- $2

Coloured Sketch- $6

Line work- $10

Flat Colour- $20

Shaded- $30

Plain background (Flat colour/Gradient)- No extra cost
Simple Background (Patterns, swirls, stuff I actually have to draw)- +$5
Background (The character isn’t just standing in a void)- +$10
Additional characters- +$1 for Headshots, +$5 for full body. (Per character)

Payment will be made through Paypal. For commissions $10 and over, I request that 25% is paid upfront.

Once the commission is placed, you have 48 hours to refund your 25% upfront payment.

For a discussion, use the form below. If you have reference pictures,

talk with me through Discord or by e-mail.
My discord tag is brsajo#7109

and my e-mail 

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